Sunday, September 30, 2007

sept 30 memoir post 2

Loaded words

cringe-pg. 37 (-)
loathe-pg. 40 (-)
endless-pg. 44 (-)
intolerable-pg. 44 (-)
slimy-pg. 44 (-)
terror-pg. 46 (-)
extraordinary-pg. 47 (+)
favored-pg. 49 (+)
credible-pg. 50 (0)
aggressive-pg. 50 (-)


Adeline, Big sister, Big brother, second brother, and third brother are very angry with how their family works, because of their stepmom Niang and her favored children (fourth brother and little sister). Niang realizes this so then she starts to favor Big sister. Adeline keeps excelling in school and is starting to make some new friends. When father, Niang, big sister, little sister, and fourth brother go away for about three months, the other children decide to rebel and do whatever they want.


I think its strange how big sister has all of a sudden been favored, just so the other kids won't have a leader. Niang is a very mean mother because she doesn't really care about her children (other than those three). I also don't like that father doesn't even pay attention to any of the kids so he lets Niang make all the rules.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

sept 27 outside reading post 1

My book: Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

Adeline is in kindergarten in China and she does very well in school and gets many awards for that. Her mom died while giving birth to her so her whole family treats her really bad and they blame her. She now has a stepmother named Niang since she was 1 years old. She lives in a French part of town and goes to a French school. She really likes school because she feels like she belongs there. One day her father goes missing, two weeks later Niang and her son also go missing. Adeline's grandma Nai Nai then dies from a stroke and there is a funeral held for her. All of the family is then taken by train to Shanghai, and they found out that Father and Niang have been living there and have a house there. Adeline goes to school and when school is over, nobody comes to pick her up, so she has to wander the streets of Shanghai trying to get home. She is only in first grade now. She finally remembered her new phone number so she was able to call her father to come and get her. Nobody really watches after Adeline but her Aunt Baba.

I think that it would be hard to keep track of adeline, because there are a total of 7 kids in their family. However they purposely don't take care of her because they blame her for the mother dying which is really sad. Eventually, i think that Adeline (who is also called fifth daughter) will learn to take care of herself.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

this i believe sept 18 homework


2. Wayne Coyne

3. Creating Our Own Happiness

4. I believe we have the power to create our own happiness. I believe the real magic in the world is done by humans.

5. He saw a couple out in the cold that looked poor, he instantly gave them pity but realized that they were laughing and then he decided that they had the power to make themselves happy.

When Wayne worked at a fast food place he hated it and then realized that he had the power to be happy and to make it a good job because he could dream about what his life could become.

6. I believe this is something all of us can do: Try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living. Happiness is not a situation to be longed for or a convergence of lucky happenstance.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

sept 5 homework

The thing I am most anxious about at EHS is homework. Last year since we had a-days and b-days we had more time to do the homework. This year we get more homework and less time to do it, so i hope i get everything turned in on time!

One goal for myself in my sophmore year is to get good grades. I think it's important to get good grades this year to help get into a good college and to prove to myself that i am capable of getting good grades.