Thursday, November 29, 2007


Political Debate: These occur on tv. The purpose is to get their ideas heard or to get more votes to win an election. It sometimes helps arrive at a better decision. The debate is structured, which allows the candidates to get the same amount of time making it unbiased.

School Debate: These occur in school. They allow people to get out their opinions and to persuade others. It's free from violence and it allows both sides to be productive. It can be either structured or unstructured. When it is structured everyone gets a chance to say what they want and if it us unstructured the teacher or one student would probably take over the debate.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 post b

Analyzing Crow is a hard thing to do in this story. Crow is a type of person that is a good kid, but sometimes just wants to have fun. Everyone in the neighborhood agrees that Crow should not be accused for hurting Sophie because everyone knows that Crow isn’t really even capable of committing such a crime. Everyone knew Crow from when he was a little kid, so many know him well. Crow has a lot of friends but he starts to drift from them after Sophie got hurt. Crow starts to hang out with his brother and try to have fun; however he can’t stop thinking about Sophie. I think that Crow is also a little confused because Carl isn’t even Crows real father; however even though they aren’t blood related Carl did raise Crow. Carl has always been Crows father figure. Crow also doesn’t like that his family is really wealthy because I don’t think Crow likes to have that ‘advantage’. He doesn’t really want to take up the family business or anything like that, so he doesn’t really like all that money either. Even though Crow loves his family, he doesn’t agree with them sometimes; especially Carl. Carl tries to change Crow (and Johnny Crow’s brother) into people they aren’t which can be tough on Crow a lot. Over all though I don’t think Crow will be punished for what happened to Sophie because he is a good person and he has never gotten in any big trouble before.

week 2 post a


abeyance- (pg. 74)-noun: 1. Temporary in activity, cessation, or suspension. 2. a state or condition of real property in which title is not as yet vested in a known titleholder

fathomless- (pg. 80)-adjective: 1. impossible to measure the depth of; bottomless
2. impossible to understand; incomprehensible


'"It wasn't Crow," she had told her mother that morning.' (she is Sophie)

This quote is significant because it tells us that Sophie knows that Crow didn't do the crime. Even though Sophie isn't saying anything about what had happened to her, when she does she will tell the judge that Crow is innocent.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

week 1 post b

This first section of The Slow Moon is very eventful. “Don’t you hear something?” Sophie asked (pg. 1). This quote is significant to the story because when Crow and Sophie go down by the river near a party, Sophie thinks she hears something. Crow assures her there is nobody anywhere in the woods. When Crow leaves Sophie for a minute everything changes. He comes back to find her not there. The cops show up and they find Sophie beaten up and raped; with Crows dropped wallet near the scene of the crime. Of course Crow didn’t do this, but that’s not what the police think. This changes Crow’s whole life. I think that it would be very hard for Crow to get out of this because there was evidence and witnesses that he was in the woods with Sophie, whether it was when that happened to her or not. When Sophie is in the hospital, she refuses to speak to anyone about what happened, leaving Crow clueless. However, since Crow was being put on trial, he should have told the truth to his dad in the first place. Crow seems like an innocent guy, especially to the town judge’s son; who is his best friend. So even though Sophie had said that she heard something in the woods many times; Crow never looked into it so it got not only Sophie but himself in really big trouble. Even though Crow is Sophie’s boyfriend, it would occur to anyone who knows the evidence that Crow is guilty. He tries his hardest to tell the truth, but sadly nobody will believe him.

week 1 post a


1) Scuttled (pg. 5)-verb 1. to run with quick, hasty steps; scurry 2. a quick pace 3. a short hurried run

2) Spigot (pg. 9)- noun 1. a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask 2. a faucet

Figurative Language:

"The creek widened, and from where they sat they heard water lap against the banks of sand and river foam." This is an example of imagery because when the author says this you can really imagine what it looks like

'"You worry about me because I'm not like you."' (Johnny says this) This is an example of irony because Johnny is Carl's actual blood-related son, unlike Crow. Carl thought that Johnny was going to be just like him, even though it turned out that Crow is more like Carl even though they aren't even blood related.

"She seems like someone in a movie," Crow says this about sophie because he thinks shes pretty. This is an example of a simile, because the sentence contains the word 'like'.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book Explanation

The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox

copyright 2006


300 pgs.

Evidence- this book is sort of a mystery story, and i think i will need to spend more time trying to understand and figure out this book.

I chose this book because someone recommended it to me. So i went to barnes and noble and i looked at a few books, but i think this one looked the most interesting.