Sunday, September 30, 2007

sept 30 memoir post 2

Loaded words

cringe-pg. 37 (-)
loathe-pg. 40 (-)
endless-pg. 44 (-)
intolerable-pg. 44 (-)
slimy-pg. 44 (-)
terror-pg. 46 (-)
extraordinary-pg. 47 (+)
favored-pg. 49 (+)
credible-pg. 50 (0)
aggressive-pg. 50 (-)


Adeline, Big sister, Big brother, second brother, and third brother are very angry with how their family works, because of their stepmom Niang and her favored children (fourth brother and little sister). Niang realizes this so then she starts to favor Big sister. Adeline keeps excelling in school and is starting to make some new friends. When father, Niang, big sister, little sister, and fourth brother go away for about three months, the other children decide to rebel and do whatever they want.


I think its strange how big sister has all of a sudden been favored, just so the other kids won't have a leader. Niang is a very mean mother because she doesn't really care about her children (other than those three). I also don't like that father doesn't even pay attention to any of the kids so he lets Niang make all the rules.

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