Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 10 List

Here is a list of the top ten things in the book The Slow Moon in no particular order.

1) Sophie: Sophie is the main character and has a lot of significance in this story. Sophie had just moved to Tennessee and she made friends with a few people and started to date Crow. At a party, Crow had left Sophie in the woods to go get something in his car and when he got back, Sophie had been beaten and raped. Not until the end of the book, do you find out that it was three of Crow’s closest and best friends. Through the whole book, Sophie struggles with trusting people and trying to remember who had done that to her.

2) Lying: Lying is a main theme in this book for many reasons. Bobby lies to his mom about what happened to Sophie, along with Tom and Casey. Sophie lies to her mom, Rita, and everyone else when she tells them that she didn’t remember who did that to her. Carl lies to his wife Helen, because he cheated on her all the time with her sister Ava. Bobby’s mom tells Bobby that his father was dead when she was just divorced to him because he was in jail for a long time.

3) Sophie getting raped: This is a significant part in the book because it is basically what the whole plot is based off of. It happens at the beginning of the story and you find out that Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the three who did it. But the whole book is pretty much about how everyone was affected by it and such.

4)Acquitted: This vocabulary word means to declare not guilty. The book used this word many times after the jury said Crow would be acquitted to hurting Sophie. This word was used at least 5 to 10 times in this story, but since it was used so many times I now know what it means.

5)Crow: Crow is another main character in this book, because he was Sophie’s boyfriend. Crow was the one that left Sophie in the woods on that night that she got hurt. After that happened, Sophie wouldn’t talk to Crow, they talked one other time during the book until the end of the story. At the end of the story they hung out and ended up getting back together because they thought it felt right.

6)When Sophie stays at Grace’s: A key part in this book is when Sophie decides to go back to her hometown where her best friend Grace lives. When Sophie is there, she had a lot of time to be by herself and paint and try to figure out who had hurt her. And right when Sophie came home, she was able to tell her mom who it was. Sophie needed that vacation to get away and think about what had happened in the past months.

7)Remorse: This vocabulary word means deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; compunction. This word is used very frequently in this story. This is mainly because most people feel this way in the book. Bobby, Tom, and Casey all feel remorse; especially toward the end of the book. If I had to sum up all the characters in this book with one word, it would be remorse. Everyone feels this one way or another in this story.

8)Bobby: Bobby is one of the main characters in this story. Bobby changes a lot throughout this book. When we first hear of him, he is shy and he really likes Sophie. But once he starts to cling to her, she tells him she doesn’t like him that way. Bobby also finds out that his father is alive (when he thought he was dead all those years). And once Sophie realizes that Bobby was apart of the rape, Bobby is a very quiet person again and has a lot of remorse.

9)Loyalty: There are many examples of loyalty, or lack of it, in this story. Bobby, Tom, and Casey are very un-loyal to Crow, because they hurt Sophie and they made Crow take the blame for it. It was like they weren’t even friends anymore. Lester and Grace are very loyal to Sophie because they treated and saw her the same and helped her after she got beaten and raped. Sophie realized that they were her true friends and she knew she could trust them.

10)Jail: Jail is a motif in this story, because there are four people to connect it to. Charlie Post (Sophie’s mom’s boyfriend) works at the hardware store but also works at the jail to visit with the people there. Bobby’s father was in jail for over 10 years and now that he’s out he wants to tell Bobby he is really alive. Crow has to go to jail for a week before he is acquitted. Bobby, Tom, and Casey all have to go to jail for committing the crime on Sophie.

week 7 post b

Analyzing the boys who committed the crime on Sophie:
We found out that Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the ones that raped and beat Sophie. The boys were sentenced to jail. Bobby had always liked Sophie and use to be constantly at Sophie’s house. But when Sophie told Bobby she wasn’t interested he became really weird toward her and stopped talking to her completely. Also, since Bobby’s mom is a judge, after the crimes were committed on her, whenever Bobby’s mom would ask him about anything he would always deny her or get off the subject of it. So when I found out that it was Bobby I wasn’t surprised. This is also because he is kind of an unstable person and kind of unsure of himself because he doesn’t have a father figure to look up to. When I found out that Tom was one of the people involved I wasn’t surprised either. Tom is confused about who he is and wants to kill himself at one point in the book, so I think he just felt very guilty about what had happened with Sophie. Casey is a person who is friends with all of those boys but he doesn’t really tell them anything. None of the other boys could really say they knew Casey, so they were all surprised when they found out that it was him. These three boys were talked about a lot in this story (other than Casey) so I knew their struggles and when you pieced everything together, it wasn’t hard to guess who committed the crimes on Sophie.

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1) Ventricle (pg. 264)-noun: either of the two lower chambers on each side of the heart that
receive blood from the atria and in turn force it into the arteries

2) Sinew (pg. 264)-noun: strength; power; resilience


"Every shadow, every crevice, revealed itself, and they watched as though they were looking at the world through a ridiculous glass. All these things created a fabulous order" (pg. 300).

This is one of the last few sentences of the book and i like it because it tells us that sophie and crow are better now and it leaves us with a good view on them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

week 6 post b

In this section of the book, many things are revealed. “When he came in the back door, Sophie stood in the kitchen and told him without hesitation, even before Bobby had closed the screen door, that she remembered who had raped her that night. She remembered, and she planned to tell the police” (pg. 244). Right after Sophie returns from Grace’s house in Montana, she tells her mom, Rita, who the boys are that raped her. It turned out that Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the ones who did it. It was during the party and they were completely drunk and apparently didn’t know what they were doing. Bobby decides to turn himself and the others in, because Sophie tells him to. Sophie does not want to testify or anything; she doesn’t want things more complicated. However, during the parts of the book where Tom was being explained and what his thoughts were, I sort of got the idea that he was apart of it. Because at one point he says stuff about wanting to die and another part in the book says, “’I Hope they catch the bastards,’ said Peter. Tom nodded and kept nodding. For a long moment he was unable to swallow his food” (pg. 220). Which I think sort of implies that he had something to do with it. However, when I found out Bobby and Casey were apart of it, I really didn’t know what to think because they seem like they would never want to hurt Sophie, then again they were drunk.

week 6 post a


1) Scintilla (pg. 249): noun- a minute particle; spark; trace

2) Remorse (pg. 260): noun- deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; compunction


One theme in this book is honesty, because many people break their honesty in this book.

"She paused. 'You've been lying to me about everything.' It was not a question" (pg. 261).

(Aurelia says this to Bobby.)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

week 5 post b

Making connections to the book:
This book doesn’t relate to my life, because it seems like all of the issues in this book, like a girl getting raped, kids being trialed for hurting her, there’s who kills a dog, bobby finding out that his father isn’t dead and that he wants to be in his life again, and on top of all of that they have a band that they think is going to win this huge contest but probably wont. Although these things take place in the book and not in my life, they could be happening to other kids because it’s not impossible for all these things to happen. This book relates to the world, because I’m sure that there are people out there that can relate to certain parts of this book. This book relates to the media, because every so often you do hear about girls getting hurt very badly like Sophie did and then many people getting put on trial and being questioned for it.

A Short Summary:
Sophie gets a therapist to talk to and he tells her that she should go back to Montana for the summer to stay with her friend and figure things out. Crow and Sophie finally talk, but it doesn’t end well. Tom kills a dog, because he kind of ran it over with his car and since it wasn’t dead he decided to beat it to death and kill it. Ava (Helen’s sister) and Carl (Helen’s husband) decide to finally end their affair after all those years. Bobby goes to visit his dad for the first time ever.

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1. Hiatus (pg. 180)- noun, a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

2. Gait (pg. 189)- noun, a manner of walking, stepping, or running.

Figurative Language:

"'Let's eat gobs of cheese on these crackers like we used to do'" (pg. 175). This is an example of a similie because it uses the word 'like' to compare it to something else.

"Blood came out in spurts onto the bat, spattering Tom's shirt and face" (pg. 191). This is an example of imagery because when Tom is describing this scene where the dog is being killed, you can really see this happening and imagine it well.

A symbol in this section of my book is that after Tom kills the dog, he realizes he did it because he is the one that wants to die, he is sick of living his life and thinks, 'There are worse things than death', and the dog is just a symbol of that. I know this is an example of a symbol, because it is something that represents something else.