Sunday, November 18, 2007

week 1 post b

This first section of The Slow Moon is very eventful. “Don’t you hear something?” Sophie asked (pg. 1). This quote is significant to the story because when Crow and Sophie go down by the river near a party, Sophie thinks she hears something. Crow assures her there is nobody anywhere in the woods. When Crow leaves Sophie for a minute everything changes. He comes back to find her not there. The cops show up and they find Sophie beaten up and raped; with Crows dropped wallet near the scene of the crime. Of course Crow didn’t do this, but that’s not what the police think. This changes Crow’s whole life. I think that it would be very hard for Crow to get out of this because there was evidence and witnesses that he was in the woods with Sophie, whether it was when that happened to her or not. When Sophie is in the hospital, she refuses to speak to anyone about what happened, leaving Crow clueless. However, since Crow was being put on trial, he should have told the truth to his dad in the first place. Crow seems like an innocent guy, especially to the town judge’s son; who is his best friend. So even though Sophie had said that she heard something in the woods many times; Crow never looked into it so it got not only Sophie but himself in really big trouble. Even though Crow is Sophie’s boyfriend, it would occur to anyone who knows the evidence that Crow is guilty. He tries his hardest to tell the truth, but sadly nobody will believe him.

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