Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 post b

Analyzing Crow is a hard thing to do in this story. Crow is a type of person that is a good kid, but sometimes just wants to have fun. Everyone in the neighborhood agrees that Crow should not be accused for hurting Sophie because everyone knows that Crow isn’t really even capable of committing such a crime. Everyone knew Crow from when he was a little kid, so many know him well. Crow has a lot of friends but he starts to drift from them after Sophie got hurt. Crow starts to hang out with his brother and try to have fun; however he can’t stop thinking about Sophie. I think that Crow is also a little confused because Carl isn’t even Crows real father; however even though they aren’t blood related Carl did raise Crow. Carl has always been Crows father figure. Crow also doesn’t like that his family is really wealthy because I don’t think Crow likes to have that ‘advantage’. He doesn’t really want to take up the family business or anything like that, so he doesn’t really like all that money either. Even though Crow loves his family, he doesn’t agree with them sometimes; especially Carl. Carl tries to change Crow (and Johnny Crow’s brother) into people they aren’t which can be tough on Crow a lot. Over all though I don’t think Crow will be punished for what happened to Sophie because he is a good person and he has never gotten in any big trouble before.

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