Tuesday, January 8, 2008

week 6 post b

In this section of the book, many things are revealed. “When he came in the back door, Sophie stood in the kitchen and told him without hesitation, even before Bobby had closed the screen door, that she remembered who had raped her that night. She remembered, and she planned to tell the police” (pg. 244). Right after Sophie returns from Grace’s house in Montana, she tells her mom, Rita, who the boys are that raped her. It turned out that Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the ones who did it. It was during the party and they were completely drunk and apparently didn’t know what they were doing. Bobby decides to turn himself and the others in, because Sophie tells him to. Sophie does not want to testify or anything; she doesn’t want things more complicated. However, during the parts of the book where Tom was being explained and what his thoughts were, I sort of got the idea that he was apart of it. Because at one point he says stuff about wanting to die and another part in the book says, “’I Hope they catch the bastards,’ said Peter. Tom nodded and kept nodding. For a long moment he was unable to swallow his food” (pg. 220). Which I think sort of implies that he had something to do with it. However, when I found out Bobby and Casey were apart of it, I really didn’t know what to think because they seem like they would never want to hurt Sophie, then again they were drunk.

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