Wednesday, January 16, 2008

week 7 post b

Analyzing the boys who committed the crime on Sophie:
We found out that Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the ones that raped and beat Sophie. The boys were sentenced to jail. Bobby had always liked Sophie and use to be constantly at Sophie’s house. But when Sophie told Bobby she wasn’t interested he became really weird toward her and stopped talking to her completely. Also, since Bobby’s mom is a judge, after the crimes were committed on her, whenever Bobby’s mom would ask him about anything he would always deny her or get off the subject of it. So when I found out that it was Bobby I wasn’t surprised. This is also because he is kind of an unstable person and kind of unsure of himself because he doesn’t have a father figure to look up to. When I found out that Tom was one of the people involved I wasn’t surprised either. Tom is confused about who he is and wants to kill himself at one point in the book, so I think he just felt very guilty about what had happened with Sophie. Casey is a person who is friends with all of those boys but he doesn’t really tell them anything. None of the other boys could really say they knew Casey, so they were all surprised when they found out that it was him. These three boys were talked about a lot in this story (other than Casey) so I knew their struggles and when you pieced everything together, it wasn’t hard to guess who committed the crimes on Sophie.

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