Sunday, December 23, 2007

week 5 post b

Making connections to the book:
This book doesn’t relate to my life, because it seems like all of the issues in this book, like a girl getting raped, kids being trialed for hurting her, there’s who kills a dog, bobby finding out that his father isn’t dead and that he wants to be in his life again, and on top of all of that they have a band that they think is going to win this huge contest but probably wont. Although these things take place in the book and not in my life, they could be happening to other kids because it’s not impossible for all these things to happen. This book relates to the world, because I’m sure that there are people out there that can relate to certain parts of this book. This book relates to the media, because every so often you do hear about girls getting hurt very badly like Sophie did and then many people getting put on trial and being questioned for it.

A Short Summary:
Sophie gets a therapist to talk to and he tells her that she should go back to Montana for the summer to stay with her friend and figure things out. Crow and Sophie finally talk, but it doesn’t end well. Tom kills a dog, because he kind of ran it over with his car and since it wasn’t dead he decided to beat it to death and kill it. Ava (Helen’s sister) and Carl (Helen’s husband) decide to finally end their affair after all those years. Bobby goes to visit his dad for the first time ever.

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