Tuesday, December 4, 2007

week 3 post b

Letter to the main character:

Dear Crow,

I know that your best friend Bobby is mad at you right now. I know that soon he will forgive you and be ready to talk to you. Just know that people might not want to talk to you because some people just aren’t sure of what really happened that night so all you can do is tell the judge and the court that you for sure didn’t hurt Sophie that night. As for Sophie, I think that soon she will also talk about that night, sometime it will hit her as to what really happened (because she forgot) and then she will want to face you and talk to you. Everyone that knows you well will know that you didn’t commit the crime and you do know someone on the jury, so I’m sure that you will win the case. And you are also telling the truth, so you shouldn’t lose. Even though all of Sophie’s friends don’t like you, you don’t really need to talk to them or be friends with them anymore if they aren’t going to trust you. Trust is a thing you need to keep with your dad. Ask your dad for his trust because that’s what you really need to have. If your dad trusts you, you are for sure going to win the case because you need his support. You also need to the Sophie’s trust and try to make her trust you so that she will tell the truth about what really happened so you don’t have to go to jail!


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