Tuesday, December 11, 2007

week 4 post b

Analyzing the Protagonist

Sophie Chabot is a main character in this story. Sophie is a girl who is always herself, even when she moves to a new town and has to make all new friends. Sophie lives only with Rita her mom. Sophie has to overcome losing her dad (who died in a forest fire), going to a new school, and making new friends. This isn’t very hard for her though because all the boys she meets seem to like her. This causes tension among her guy friends. But Sophie knows that she wants Crow so she ends up with him. I think that Sophie made the right choice as to going out with Crow rather than the other boys, because Crow is the type of person to comfort her when she needs it and make sure she’s always ok. But the other guys just like Sophie just because of looks. Because Crow cares for her so much I think that Sophie should tell everyone that Crow didn’t have anything to do with the attacks on her. Crow however did end up not getting a jail sentence, but Sophie should have stepped up and told the truth to make the court meetings end sooner. Sophie also needs to learn how to talk to her mother more. She lets her mother decide everything that’s best for her, when she knows that she should tell someone that Crow is innocent. Rita tries to get Sophie to lie and say Crow did the attacks, because she didn’t like that Sophie was dating a boy two years older anyway.

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