Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Week Post 1

Chinese Cinderella
Adeline Yen Mah


At the beginning of summer break, Adeline got very very sick and had to be hospitalized. Mary Suen was the only one to visit her in the hospital. Then one time Adeline's father dropped in just when Mary was leaving so it proved that Adeline wasn't an orphan (that's what everyone at school thought). When she got better instead of going back to school she got to go home. She gets to see Ye Ye and Third Brother. Ye Ye is very sick and they don't know how long he will last. Third brother is just visiting, but he loved living in Shanghi because it is only him and Aunt Baba and the maids. Third brother will go to England in the fall to study though. Adeline also finds out that Big Sister had moved to Tianjin and she has a baby. Adeline vents to her brother about her problems. Ye Ye tries to inspire her and tell her she can do anything she wants with her life. Adeline decides to enter a complicated English playwriting competition. She titled her play Gone with the Locusts and dedicated it to Ye Ye. Adeline had skipped many grades in school and she wrote letters to Father and Niang begging them to send her to England with Third Brother. Adeline is playing basketball with some friends one day and then someone tells her her chauffeur is there to take her to the Buddhist temple because Ye Ye has died. Adeline was the only one upset and crying at his funeral. Niang tells Adeline to get a job because Father doesn't wanna pay for her anymore. Adeline gets instructions to go home again and her Father is there and being nice to her. He tells her she has won the writing contest and her name was in the news paper. She won money and a trophy. Father tells her she can go to England with Third Brother as long as she becomes a doctor-she agreed. Aunt Baba writes Adeline a final letter.

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Nur Syahirah Binte Ali said...

hi! erm i would like to ask what position did adeline won in the award winning play?