Sunday, October 14, 2007

outside reading week 4 post 2

Adeline gets nominated for class president at her school. One of her biggest competitors is Chen Lei-Lei. Adeline' s friend Wu Chun-Mei asks Adeline if she can go to her house again, which frightens Adeline because Niang has a rule that she can't go to friends houses. The next day at school Adeline gets the most votes and is elected class president. After school that day, a group of her friends had followed her home without her knowing. The girls come into Adeline's house and refuse to leave without seeing her. Niang talks to Adeline and yells and slaps her commanding to get her friends out. Niang and Father then decide that her Aunt Baba is a bad influence on her, so they will fly her out to Tianjin to live in an orphanage. Adeline is horrified not only because she can't be with her Aunt Baba and grandfather Ye Ye, but there is a civil war going on in China and the Communists are taking it over slowly but surely. When Adeline came back from school the next day her bag was packed and she was forced to say her good-byes. On the airplane, Adeline's Father must fill out an information sheet for her, and he doesn't even know her name! He also doesn't know her birthday; but she didn't either. So her Father decided to say that her birthday was November 30th ten years earlier. This was also his birthday. Niang's brother meets them at the airport. Adeline gets dropped off and left at a boarding school. She hates it there and she is very very lonely. All the students slowly left the school (because of the war) until Adeline was the only one left. One day Niang's sister surprisingly showed up and took her to stay with them in Taiwan, which Adeline was thankful for.

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