Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 part 2

In the beginning of this book Adeline is very young and she is wondering what happened to her mom. Her family told her that she died while giving birth to her four years earlier. Her sister tells her everyone thinks she is unlucky because of this. Adeline has 6 other siblings and she has a very wealthy family. She has a stepmom named Niang who is very mean to the children that aren't "hers" because she has two kids of her own. When the family has to move to Shanghi everything changes. There are even more rules and demands from Niang and Father. The five children plot against Niang but she figures it out so she starts to spoil Big Sister (their leader). Adeline feels like she has nobody to talk to except her Aunt Baba, until she gets a baby duckling for a pet (named PLT). When PLT gets eaten by Niang's dog, Adeline can't contain her sadness. Big Sister gets an arranged marriage from Niang and goes on her honeymoon. Adeline is very scared that Niang will do this to her. Adeline lies to Niang so her father beats her and separates Adeline from Aunt Baba.
I think Adeline describes her emotions really well in this book. She makes me picture what it would be like to be in her shoes. This book is well written but sometimes it moves really fast and i don't know what point it is in her life (like what age she is). I think that Niang, her step mom, sounds really mean and she isn't really a mother at all. Aunt Baba is kind of like Adeline's mother in the fact that she actually cares about her and wants to even know her. I can't relate this book to my life because my family doesn't act like hers. I predict that Adeline will soon stand up to Niang to try to get the respect she deserves.

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