Tuesday, October 16, 2007

outside reading week 5 post 2


They arrive to a cruise ship to bring them to Hong Kong. In the room on the ship, there were only two beds and then a cot on the floor. Adeline assumed the cot was hers, but to make it equal they gave Adeline the bed for once. Adeline couldn't believe that her aunt and cousin could be so much more nice than her own parents. When Niang and Father are waiting for their arrival, Adeline gets nervous to see them. Niang and Father didn't even notice or acknowledge her once when they saw everyone. When they all arrive at the apartment, Adeline is surprised to find Ye Ye waiting for her and she is so happy to see him. Victor ( adeline's cousin) really likes to play with her and he wonders why she is always treated so unfairly by her parents. Ye Ye makes Adeline read the newspaper to him because he can't really see anymore, but she has forgotten how to speak Chinese. Most people speak English where Adeline had lived. Ye Ye teaches her all about the symbols and words in Chinese. Adeline didn't mind getting left behind, because that meant she didn't have to be around Niang. When the whole family goes on an outing, Niang purposly leaves Adeline at home, but Victor wanted to play with her so he stood up to Niang and said he would rather be with Adeline. Adeline was so thankful for that that she gave Victor her paper magic book that she loved. Fourth brother tries to hurt Ye Ye so he actually dies, but Ye Ye ended up not even getting hurt. Adeline moves into a boarding school and she hates how nobody visits her there at all. Adeline makes two friends who also had family problems, who were the only three left at the school over summer break. Then the other two left, leaving Adeline all by herself for the whole summer at boarding school.


I think it was a good change for Adeline to be accepted by her Aunt and cousins. I’m glad that she also got to see Ye Ye again because she assumed that she wouldn’t when she left for Tianjin. I feel bad that Adeline can never have any visitors at boarding school, because she would be so happy if Aunt Baba or Ye Ye visited her. Or even if somebody wrote her a letter she would be so happy. I’m glad that Adeline because friends with Victor, because when Victor stood up for her it made her feel great inside which she never felt. It’s sad that Adeline gets made fun of so much in school because it’s not her fault. She can’t control how her parents treat her. She only has one dress to wear on the weekends and its two sizes too small. I predict that one day Adeline will stand up to her parents and then run away from them so that they really don’t have to care about her anymore. She will study hard and get a good job and grow up better than her parents did. But for now, Adeline will have to keep studying hard until she can go out on her own.


Bonnie W. said...

Good job explaining your book. It sounds really interesting.

Ali said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog and your book looks very interesting. You did a good job at explaining it with your detailed summaries and meaningful reactions. It sounds like you're getting into your book because you seem to really understand and relate to it. You might be able to improve your blog postings by allowing the summary to "flow" better with the use of transition words. Also, it would help the reader if you wrote the title and author of your book at the top of the post. Great Job!